Traženje sličnosti

Find terms that are similar to the Find text. Select this checkbox, and then click the Similarities button to define the similarity options.

To access this command...

For example, a similarity search can find words that differ from the Find text by two characters.


Definišite kriterij za utvrđivanje da li je riječ slična traženom terminu.

Zamijeni znakove

Enter the number of characters in the search term that can be exchanged. For example, if you specify 2 exchanged characters, "sweep" and "creep" are considered similar.

Dodaj znakove

Unesite maksimalni broj znakova po kojima riječ može preći broj znakova u traženoj riječi.

Ukloni znakove

Unesite broj znakova po kojima riječ može biti kraća od tražene riječi.


Traži termin koji odgovara bilo kojoj kombinaciji postavki traženja sličnosti.


Using Combine better meets a user's expectations from looking at the settings, but may return false positives. Not using Combine may match less than expected, but does not return false positives.


A Weighted Levenshtein Distance (WLD) algorithm is used. If Combine is not checked, then settings are treated as an exclusive-OR (strict WLD).If Combine is checked, then settings are treated as an inclusive-OR (relaxed WLD).


Be careful when using Replace All with Similarity Search. Best to be certain first about what will be found.

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