Sets password options for the current document.

To access this command...

Choose File - Properties - Security tab.

Open file read-only

Select to allow this document to be opened in read-only mode only.

Note Icon

Opcija dijeljenja dokumenata stiti dokument od slučajnih promjena. I dalje je moguće urediti kopiju dokumenta i spasiti je pod istim imenom kao original.

Record changes

Select to enable recording changes. This is the same as Edit - Track Changes - Record.

Tip Icon

To protect the recording state with a password, click Protect and enter a password. Other users of this document can apply their changes, but they cannot disable change recording without knowing the password.

Zastiti/ Prekini zastitu

Protects the change recording state with a password. If change recording is protected for the current document, the button is named Unprotect. Click Unprotect and type the correct password to disable the protection.

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