Creates a new LibreOffice document.

To access this command...

From the menu bar:

Choose File - New.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose File - New.

On the top right menu (☰), choose New.

From toolbars:

Icon New

New (the icon shows the type of the new document).

From the start center:

Click on the corresponding document type icon.

From the keyboard:


If you want to create a document from a template, choose New - Templates.

A template is a file that contains the design elements for a document, including formatting styles, backgrounds, frames, graphics, fields, page layout, and text.




Icon Text Document

Tekstualni dokument

Creates a text document in LibreOffice Writer.

Icon Spreadsheet

Proračunska tablica

Creates a spreadsheet document in LibreOffice Calc.

Icon Presentation


Creates a presentation document in LibreOffice Impress.

Icon Drawing


Creates a drawing document in LibreOffice Draw.

Icon Formula


Creates a formula document in LibreOffice Math.

Icon Database

Baza podataka

Opens the Database Wizard to create a database file.

Icon HTML Document

HTML dokument

Creates a HTML document.

Icon XML Form Document

Dokument XML forme

Creates a XForms document.

Icon Labels


Opens the Labels dialog where you can set the options for your labels, and then creates a text document for the labels in LibreOffice Writer.

Icon Business Cards


Opens the Business Cards dialog where you can set the options for your business cards, and then creates a text document in LibreOffice Writer.

Icon Master Document

Glavni dokument

Creates a master document.

Icon Templates


Creates a document using an existing template.

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