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Na stranici za pomoć $ [officename] opće možete naći upute koje su primjenjive na sve module, kao što je rad s prozorima i izbornicima, podešavanje LibreOffice, izvori podataka, galerije i povuci i ispusti.

If you want help with another module, switch to the help for that module with the combo box in the navigation area.

Dostupnost ove funkcije ovisi o X Window Manageru.

Enables the display of icon names at the mouse pointer and other Help contents.

Enables the display of a brief description of menus and icons at the mouse pointer.

Note Icon

Some of the shortcut keys may be assigned to your desktop system. Keys that are assigned to the desktop system are not available to LibreOffice. Try to assign different keys either for LibreOffice, in Tools - Customize - Keyboard, or in your desktop system.

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