Table Wizard - Set Types and Formats

Specifies the field information for your selected fields.

Selected fields

Select a field in order to edit the field information.


Click to move the selected field up one entry in the list.


Click to move the selected field down one entry in the list.

Remove the selected field from the list box.


Add a new data field to the list box.

Field information

Field name

Displays the name of the selected data field. If you want, you can enter a new name.

Field type

Select a field type.


If set to Yes, the values for this data field are generated by the database engine.

Entry required

If set to Yes, this field must not be empty.


Specifies the number of characters for the data field.

Decimal places

Specifies the number of decimal places for the data field. This option is only available for numerical or decimal data fields.

Default value

Specifies the default value for a Yes/No field.

Auto-increment statement

Enter the SQL command specifier that instructs the data source to auto-increment a specified Integer data field. For example, the following MySQL statement used the AUTO_INCREMENT statement to increase the "id" field each time the statement creates a data field:


For this example, you must enter AUTO_INCREMENT into the Auto-increment statement box.

Table Wizard - Set primary key

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