Traka za slike

Ovatraka za slike je prikazana kad unesete ili izaberete sliku na stranici.

Image Filter Bar

This icon on the Image bar opens the Image Filter bar, where you can use various filters on the selected picture.




Lists view attributes for the selected graphic object. The embedded or linked graphic object in the current file will not be changed, only the view of the object.

Cell Styles

Grafički način


With the Color toolbar you can edit some properties of the selected object.


Specifies the transparency in the graphic object. Values from 0% (fully opaque) to +100% (fully transparent) are possible.




Allows to crop the display of an inserted picture. Only the display gets cropped, the inserted picture is not changed. A picture must be selected to enable cropping.

In Impress and Draw no dialog is shown when you click the icon, but you see eight cropping handles. Open the context menu of a selected picture and choose Crop Image, if you want to use the dialog for cropping.

Drag any of the eight cropping handles to crop the picture.



Nadimak (alias)

Allows you to switch between anchoring options.

On Form Design bar, click

Icon Anchor

Change Anchor


Pomjera označene objekte prema vrhu u stack redu, tako da je taj objekat ispred drugog objekta.

Icon Bring to Front

Postavi Naprijed

Pošalji nazad

Pomjera označeni objekat prema dnu stack reda, tako da je iza drugih objekata.

Icon Send to Back

Pošalji Nazad

To Foreground

Pomjera označeni objekat ispred teksta.

Icon To Foreground

U prednji plan

To Background

Pomjera označeni objekat iza teksta.

Icon To Background

U Pozadina


Modifies the alignment of selected objects.



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