Copying to Multiple Sheets

Odabir visestrukih ploca

The sheet tab of the current sheet is always visible in white in front of the other sheet tabs. The other sheet tabs are gray when they are not selected. By clicking other sheet tabs while pressing you can select multiple sheets.

You can use Shift++Page Up or Page Down to select multiple sheets using the keyboard.

Vracanje selekcije

To undo the selection of a sheet, click its sheet tab again while pressing the key. The sheet that is currently visible cannot be removed from the selection.

Racunanje kroz visestruke ploce

Možete se pozvati na raspon tabela u formuli tako što ćete specifirati prvu i zadnju tabelu raspona, naprimjer =SUM(Tabela1.A1:Tabela3.A1) sumira sve A1 ćelije u tabelama od Tabela1 do Tabela3.

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