:Formatting Spreadsheets

:Formatting Text in a Spreadsheet

  1. :Select the text you want to format.

  2. :Choose the desired text attributes from the Oblikovanje Bar. You can also choose Oblik - Ćelije. The Formatiraj ćelije dialogue box will appear in which you can choose various text attributes on the Pismo tab page.

:Formatting Numbers in a Spreadsheet

  1. :Select the cells containing the numbers you want to format.

  2. :To format numbers in the default currency format or as percentages, use the icons on the Oblikovanje Bar. For other formats, choose Oblik - Ćelije. You can choose from the preset formats or define your own on the Brojevi tab page.

:Formatting Borders and Backgrounds for Cells and Pages

  1. You can assign a format to any group of cells by first selecting the cells (for multiple selection, hold down the key when clicking), and then activating the Format Cells dialog in Format - Cells. In this dialog, you can select attributes such as shadows and backgrounds.

  2. To apply formatting attributes to an entire sheet, choose Format - Page Style. You can define headers and footers, for example, to appear on each printed page.

Note Icon

An image that you have loaded with Format - Page Style - Background is only visible in print or in the print preview. To display a background image on screen as well, insert the graphic image by choosing Insert - Image - From File and arrange the image behind the cells by choosing Format - Arrange - To Background. Use the Navigator to select the background image.

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