Move or Copy a Sheet

Moves or copies a sheet to a new location in the document or to a different document.

To access this command...

From the menu bar:

Choose Sheet - Move or Copy Sheet.

From the sheet navigation bar:

Choose Move or Copy Sheet.

From toolbars:

Icon Move or Copy Sheet

Move or Copy Sheet

Warning Icon

Kada kopirate i zalijepite celije koje sadržavaju datumske vrijednosti razlicitih proracunskih tablica, obje proracunske tablice moraju biti postavljene na istu bazu datuma. Ako se datumske baze razlikuju, prikazane datumske vrijednosti ce se promjeniti!

Na dokument

Indicates where the current sheet is to be moved or copied to. Select - new document - if you want to create a new location for the sheet to be moved or copied.

Insert Before

The current sheet is moved or copied in front of the selected sheet. The - move to end position - option places the current sheet at the end.


Specifies that the sheet is to be copied. If the option is unmarked, the sheet is moved. Moving sheets is the default.

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