Uredi dužinu Stringa

The following functions edit, format, and align the contents of strings. Use the & or + operators to concatenate strings.

Format Function

Converts a numeric expression to a string, and then formats it according to the format that you specify.

LCase Function

Converts all uppercase letters in a string to lowercase.

Left Function

Returns the number of leftmost characters that you specify of a string expression.

LSet Statement

Aligns a string to the left of a string variable, or copies a variable of a user-defined type to another variable of a different user-defined type.

LTrim Function

Removes all leading spaces at the start of a string expression.

Mid Function, Mid Statement

Returns the specified portion of a string expression (Mid function), or replaces the portion of a string expression with another string (Mid statement).

Replace Function

Replaces some string by another.

Right Function

Returns the rightmost "n" characters of a string expression.

RSet Statement

Right-aligns a string within a string variable, or copies a user-defined variable type into another.

RTrim Function

Deletes the spaces at the end of a string expression.

Trim Function

Uklanja sve vodece i pratece prostore od niza izraza.

UCase Function

Pretvara male znakove u string velika slova.

Split Function

Vraca red kao substring iz string izraza

Join Function

Vraca niz od broja substringova u niz polja.

ConvertToURL Function

Pretvara sistemsko ime fajla u fajl URL.

ConvertFromURL Function

Pretvori URL fajl u sistemsko ime fajla.

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