Further Statements

Statements that do not belong to any of the other categories are described here.

Call Statement

Transfers the control of the program to a subroutine, a function, or a procedure of a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). The keyword, type and number of parameters is dependent on the routine that is being called.

Choose Function

Vraća vrijednost odabranog iz popisa argumenata.

Declare Statement

Proglašava i definira potprogram u DLL fileu iz kojeg želite da pokrenete LibreOffice Basic.

End Statement

Završi proceduru ili blok.

Exit Statement

Exits a Do...Loop, For...Next, a function, a property, or a subroutine.

FreeLibrary Function

Pušta DLLove koji su učitani putem Odredi izjave. Pušteni DLL je automaski ponovno ucitan ako je jedan od njihovih funkcija pozvana. Pogledaj : Declare

Function Statement

A function is a block of code which runs when it is called. A function is usually called in an expression.

You can pass data, known as parameters or arguments, into a function. You may pass a parameter by value or by reference. When by reference, modifications applied to the parameter in the function will be sent back to the calling code.

A function usually returns data as a result.

Rem Statement

Specificira da je linija programa comentar.

Stop Statement

Zaustavlja izvršenje Basic programa

Sub Statement

difiniše podprogram

Switch Function

Ocjenjuje popisu argumenata, koji se sastoji od izraza koji slijede vrijednost. Zamijeni funkcija vraća vrijednost koja je povezana s izrazom koji je proslijedio ovu funkciju.

With Statement

Sets an object as the default object. Unless another object name is declared, all properties and methods refer to the default object until the End With statement is reached.

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