AND Operator

Logically combines two expressions.


Resultat = Izrar_1 MOD Izraz_2


Resultat:: Brojcana varijabla koja sadrzi rezultat MOD operacije.

Izraz_1, Izraz_2: Brojcani izraz koji zelite da podijelite.

Boolean expressions combined with AND only return the value True if both expressions evaluate to True:

True AND True returns True; for all other combinations the result is False.

The AND operator also performs a bitwise comparison of identically positioned bits in two numeric expressions.


Sub ExampleAnd
Dim A As Variant, B As Variant, C As Variant, D As Variant
Dim vVarOut As Variant
    A = 10: B = 8: C = 6: D = Null
    vVarOut = A > B And B > C ' returns -1
    vVarOut = B > A And B > C ' returns 0
    vVarOut = A > B And B > D ' returns 0
    vVarOut = (B > D And B > A) ' returns 0
    vVarOut = B And A ' returns 8 due to the bitwise And combination of both arguments
End Sub

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