To check the spelling and the grammar of a text, the appropriate dictionaries must be installed. For many languages three different dictionaries exist: a spellchecker, a hyphenation dictionary, and a thesaurus. Each dictionary covers one language only. Grammar checkers can be downloaded and installed as extensions. See the extensions web page.


  1. ཡིག་ཚགས་ནང་རྐྱང་རྡེབ་བྱེད་པའམ་བརྟག་དཔྱད་བྱ་རྒྱུའི་ཡི་གེ་འདེམས་དགོས།

  2. Choose Tools - Spelling.

  3. When a possible spelling error is encountered, the Spelling dialog opens and LibreOffice offers some suggested corrections.

  4. གཤམ་གྱི་བཀོལ་སྤྱོད་ཅིག་སྤྱོད་

    To accept a correction, click the suggestion, and then click Correct.

    Edit the sentence in the upper text box, and then click Correct.

    To add the unknown word to a user-defined dictionary, click Add to Dictionary.

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