Chemical Formulas Examples

The primary purpose of LibreOffice Math is to create mathematical formulas, but it can also be used to write chemical formulas. However, in chemical formulas, the chemical symbols are normally written in uppercase using upright, rather than italic, characters.


To create chemical formulas using Math, you may want to change the font used for variables to a non-italic font, or use the nitalic modifier.


nitalic{H_2 SO_4}

nitalic{2 C_6 H_5 COOH + 15 O_2 = 14 CO_2 + 6 H_2 O}

nitalic{2 KMnO_4 + 16 HCl = 2 KCl + 2 MnCl_2 + 8 H_2 O + 5 Cl_2}


U lsub 92 lsup 238

nitalic{{U lsup 238 lsub 92 + n} ~~toward~~ {U lsup 239 lsub 92 + %gamma} ~~binom{{size 6{{%beta}-{}}}} {toward} ~~ Np lsup 239 lsub 93 ~~binom{{size 6{{%beta}-{}}}}{toward}~~ Pu lsup 239 lsub 94}


SO_4^{2-{}} or SO_4^{2"-"}

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