Assigns a text alternative and a description to the selected object. These texts are available as alternative tags in your document for use by accessibility tools. They are also available as tags for images when you export the document.


Right-click on a selected image, frame, or OLE object - choose Properties - Options tab.

For a selected object, choose Format - Description

Text Alternative

Enter a short description of the essential details of the selected object for a person who cannot see the object. This text is available for use by assistive technologies.


Enter a longer description of the object, especially if the object is too complex or contains too much detail to be described adequately with the short Text Alternative. Use Description to add additional information to the short description found in Text Alternative. This text is available for use by assistive technologies.


For images, Text Alternative and Description are exported with an appropriate tag in HTML and PDF format (remember to enable the Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA) option in PDF export).


Marks the item as purely decorative, not part of the document content, and ignorable by assistive technologies.

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