དཔེ་གཞིའི་གློག་རྡུལ་རེའུ་མིག་ནང་སྤྱི་འགྲོས་ནང་ཡིག་རྟགས་ཕྲེང་སྤྱད་ནས་ 'Column One' དྲ་མིག་ཁྱབ་ཁོངས་མཚོན་ B3 ནས་ B5

This function is active by default. To turn this function off, choose - LibreOffice Calc - Calculate and clear the Automatically find column and row labels check box.


If you want a name to be automatically recognized by Calc, the name must start with a letter and be composed of alphanumeric characters. If you enter the name in the formula yourself, enclose the name in single quotation marks ('). If a single quotation mark appears in a name, you must enter a backslash in front of the quotation mark, for example, 'Harry\'s Bar'.

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