Set the formatting options for the selected line or the line that you want to draw. You can also add arrowheads to a line, or change chart symbols.

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Line properties


Select the line style that you want to use.

Icon Line Style

লাইনের শৈলী


Select a color for the line.

Icon Line Color

রেখার রং


Select the thickness for the line. You can append a measurement unit. A zero line thickness results in a hairline with a thickness of one pixel of the output medium.

Icon Line Thickness

Line Thickness


Enter the transparency of the line, where 100% corresponds to completely transparent and 0% to completely opaque.


Set the options for the data point symbols in your chart.


Select the symbol style that you want to use in your chart. If you select Automatic, LibreOffice uses the default symbols for the selected chart type.


Enter a width for the symbol.


Enter a height for the symbol.

Keep ratio

Maintains the proportions of the symbol when you enter a new height or width value.

Arrow styles

You can add arrowheads to one end, or both ends of the selected line. To add a custom arrow style to the list, select the arrow in your document, and then click on the Arrow Styles tab of this dialog.


Select the arrowhead that you want to apply to the selected line.


Enter a width for the arrowhead.


Places the center of the arrowhead(s) on the endpoint(s) of the selected line.

Synchronize ends

Automatically updates both arrowhead settings when you enter a different width, select a different arrowhead style,or center an arrowhead.

Corner and cap styles

Corner style

Select the shape to be used at the corners of the line. In case of a small angle between lines, a mitered shape is replaced with a beveled shape.

Cap style

Select the style of the line end caps. The caps are added to inner dashes as well.

প্রাকদর্শন ক্ষেত্র

Displays a preview of the current selection.

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