Zoom & View Layout

Reduces or enlarges the screen display of LibreOffice. The current zoom factor is displayed as a percentage value in the Zoom Slider on the Status bar.

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Choose View - Zoom - Zoom.

Click or right-click the zoom factor displayed on the Zoom Slider in the Status bar.

নোট আইকন

Zooming is handled differently on Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms. A document saved with a 100% zoom factor in Windows is displayed at a larger zoom factor on Unix/Linux platforms. To change the zoom factor, double-click or right-click the percentage value on the Status bar, and select the zoom factor that you want.

Zoom factor

Set the zoom factor at which to display the current document and all documents of the same type that you open thereafter.


Fit width and height

Fit width

Displays the complete width of the document page. The top and bottom edges of the page may not be visible.

100 %

Displays the document at its actual size.


Enter the zoom factor at which you want to display the document. Enter a percentage in the box.

View layout

For text documents, you can set the view layout. Reduce the zoom factor to see the effects of different view layout settings.


The automatic view layout displays pages side by side, as many as the zoom factor allows.

Single page

The single page view layout displays pages beneath each other, but never side by side.


In columns view layout you see pages in a given number of columns side by side. Enter the number of columns.

Book mode

In book mode view layout you see two pages side by side as in an open book. The first page is a right page with an odd page number.

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