Lists the properties for the selected hotspot.

এই নির্দেশাবলীতে সন্নিবেশ করতে...

Choose Edit - ImageMap in Writer and Calc or Tools - ImageMap in Impress and Draw,
then select a section of the ImageMap and click Properties - Description.


Lists the properties of the URL that is attached to the hotspot.


Enter the URL for the file that you want to open when you click the selected hotspot. If you want to jump to a named anchor within the current document, the address should be of the form "file:///C:/Documents/[current_document_name]#anchor_name".

Alternative text:

Enter the text that you want to display when the mouse rests on the hotspot in a browser. If you do not enter any text, the Address is displayed.


Enter the name of the target frame that you want to open the URL in. You can also select a standard frame name that is recognized by all browsers from the list.


Enter a name for the image.


Enter a description for the hotspot.

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