Generated Values

Specifies the options for automatically generated values for new data records.

The availability of the following controls depends on the type of database:

Retrieve generated values

Enables LibreOffice support for auto-incremented data fields in the current ODBC or JDBC data source. Select this option if the auto-increment feature in the SDBCX layer of the database is not supported. In general, the auto-increment is selected for the primary key field.

Auto-increment statement

Enter the SQL command specifier that instructs the data source to auto-increment a specified Integer data field. For example, the following MySQL statement used the AUTO_INCREMENT statement to increase the "id" field each time the statement creates a data field:


For this example, you must enter AUTO_INCREMENT into the Auto-increment statement box.

Query of generated values

Enter an SQL statement that returns the last auto-incremented value for the primary key data field. For example:


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