Sorting and Grouping

In the Sorting and Grouping dialog of Report Builder, you can define the fields that should be sorted in your report, and the fields that should be kept together to form a group. If you group your report by a certain field, all records with the same value of that field will be kept together in one group.

The Groups box shows the fields in an order from top to bottom. You can select any field, then click the Move Up or Move Down button to move this field up or down in the list.

The sorting and grouping will be applied in the order of the list from top to bottom.

By default a new group is created on every changed value of a record from the selected field. You can change this property depending on the type of field:

  1. For fields of type Text, you can select Prefix Characters and enter a number n of characters in the text box below. The records which are identical in the first n characters will be grouped together.

  2. For fields of type Date/Time, you can group the records by the same year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, or minute. You can additionally specify an interval for weeks and hours: 2 weeks groups data in biweekly groups, 12 hours groups data in half-day groups.

  3. For fields of type AutoNumber, Currency, or Number, you specify an interval.

When you specify to keep together some records on the same page, you have three choices:

  1. No - page boundaries are not taken into account.

  2. Whole Group - prints the group header, detail section, and group footer on the same page.

  3. With First Detail - prints the group header on a page only if the first detail record also can be printed on the same page.

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