Contains spelling tools, redact options, mail merge wizard, macros, development tools, extension manager, as well as tools for configuring and customizing menus, and setting program preferences.


Checks spelling manually.

Automatic Spell Checking

Revisa automáticamente la ortografía mientres s'escribe, y sorraya los fallos.


Opens a dialog box to replace the current word with a synonym, or a related term.


Opens a submenu where you can choose language specific commands.

Cuntar pallabres

Counts the words and characters, with or without spaces, in the current selection and in the whole document. The count is kept up to date as you type or change the selection.

Inspeición d'accesibilidá

Review common accessibility problems in the document, and support for PDF/UA specifications in the PDF export dialog.


Translate the selected text or the whole document using DeepL automatic translation.

Correición automática

Formatea automáticamente el ficheru según les opciones establecíes en Ferramientes - Opciones de autocorreición.

Testu automáticu

Crea, edita o inxerta AutoTestu. Pue almacenar testu formateáu, testu con imaxes, tables y campos como AutoTestu. Pa inxertar AutoTestu rápido, escriba la combinación de tecles de Testu automáticu nel documentu y, de siguío, calque F3.

Imaxe calcable

Allows you to attach URLs to specific areas, called hotspots, on a graphic or a group of graphics. An image map is a group of one or more hotspots.


Redacting documents blocks out words or portions of a document for authorized use or viewing.


Use automatic redaction to define words and patterns that are automatically marked for redaction.

Numberación de títulos

Specify the numbering format used for automatic numbering of headings in the current document.

Numberación de llinies

Adds or removes and formats line numbers in the current document. To exclude a paragraph from line numbering, click in the paragraph, choose Format - Paragraph, click the Outline & List tab, and then clear the Include this paragraph in line numbering check box.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Especifica la configuración de visualización pa les notes al pie y les notes finales.

Asistente pa combinar correspondencia

Starts the Mail Merge Wizard to create form letters or send email messages to many recipients.

Bibliography Database

Insert, delete, edit, and organize records in the bibliography database.

Fonte de la llibreta de señes

Edit the field assignments and the data source for your address book.


Anueva elementos nel ficheru con conteníu dinámico, según campos ya índices.

Protect Document

Toggles write protection for fields and bookmarks in the document.


Calcula la fórmula escoyida y copia la resultancia nel cartafueyu.


Ordena los párrafos o les fileres escoyíes alfabética o numbéricamente. Pue definir hasta trés tipos de criterios d'ordenación, y combinar los criterios numbéricos y los alfanumbéricos.


Lets you record or organize and edit macros.

Extension Manager

The Extension Manager adds, removes, disables, enables, and updates LibreOffice extensions.


Customizes LibreOffice menus, context menus, shortcut keys, toolbars, and macro assignments to events.


Esti comandu abre un cuadru de diálogu p'axustar el programa a les preferencies individuales del usuariu.

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