Esti menú contién comandos pa editar los conteníos del documentu actual.


Reverses the last command or the last entry you typed. To select the command that you want to reverse, click the arrow next to the Undo icon on the Standard bar.


Reverses the action of the last Undo command. To select the Undo step that you want to reverse, click the arrow next to the Redo icon on the Standard bar.


Repeats the last command. This command is available in Writer and Calc.


Removes and copies the selection to the clipboard.


Copies the selection to the clipboard.


Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the location of the cursor, and replaces any selected text or objects.

Apegáu especial

Inserts the contents of the clipboard into the current file in a format that you can specify.

Esbillalo too

Esbilla tol conteníu del ficheru, marcu u oxetu de testu actual.

Mou de Seleición

Escoyer el mou d'esbilla del somenú: mou Normal o el mou d'esbilla en bloque.

Escoyer testu

You can enable a selection cursor in a read-only text document or in the Help. Choose Edit - Select Text or open the context menu of a read-only document and choose Select Text. The selection cursor does not blink.


Toggle the visibility of the Find toolbar to search for text or navigate a document by element.

Find & Replace

Finds or replaces text or formats in the current document.

Go to Page

Opens a dialog box to enter which page number should be shown. (+G)

Track Changes

Lists the commands that are available for tracking changes in your file.


Shows submenu that gives options to reply, resolve and delete comments.


A submenu that offers possibilities to edit footnotes, endnotes, index entries, and bibliography entries.


Opens a dialog that enables you to create and edit hyperlinks.


D'oh! You found a bug (text/swriter/01/02140000.xhp#fields_text not found).

Links to External Files

You can change or remove each link to external files in the current document. You can also update the content of the current file to the most recently saved version of linked external file. This command does not apply to hyperlinks, and is not available if the current document does not contain links to other files.


Dexa editar un oxetu OLE esbilláu que s'inxertara al traviés del somenú Inxertar - Oxetu OLE.

Base de datos

Camuda l'orixe de datos del documentu abiertu. P'amosar correchamente'l conteníu de los campos inxertaos, la base de datos de sustitución tien de contener nomes de campu idénticu.

Direct Cursor Mode

Allows a user to click at the beginning, middle, or end of any possible text line on a page and then begin typing.

Edit Mode

Use the Edit Mode icon to activate or deactivate the edit mode.

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