Entamar capítulos nel Navegador

You can move headings and subordinate text up and down in a document text by using the Navigator. You can also promote and demote heading levels. To use this feature, format the headings in your document with one of the predefined heading paragraph styles. To use a custom paragraph style for a heading, choose Tools - Chapter Numbering, select the style in the Paragraph Style box, and then double-click a number in the Levels list.


Pa mover rápido'l cursor de testu a la testera d'un documentu, calque dos vegaes sobre la testera na llista Navegador.

To dock the Navigator, drag the title bar to the edge of the workspace. To undock the Navigator, double-click its frame while holding the key.

Pa mover el títulu enriba o embaxo nel documentu


Asegúrese que s'amuesen tolos niveles de testeres nel Navegador. De mou predetermináu amuésense tolos niveles. Vea un pocu más embaxo cómo camudar los niveles de testeres que s'amuesen.

  1. On the Standard Bar, click the Navigator icon Icon navigator to open the Navigator.

  2. On the Navigator, click the Content View icon Icon content view.

  3. Siga unu d'estos procedimientos:

  1. Arrastre una testera a un nuevu allugamientu na llista del Navegador.

  2. Click a heading in the Navigator list, and then click the Promote Chapter Icon promote or Demote Chapter icon Icon demote.


To move the heading without the subordinate text, hold down while you drag or click the Promote Chapter or Demote Chapter icons.

Pa xubir o baxar el nivel d'una testera

  1. Escueya la testera na llista del Navegador.

  2. Click the Promote Level Icon promote level or Demote Level icon Icon demote level.

Pa camudar el númberu de niveles de testera que s'amuesen

Click the Heading Levels Shown icon Icon heading levels, and then select a number from the list.

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