Mover y camudar el tamañu de marcos y oxetos col tecláu

Pue camudar el tamañu y mover marcos y oxetos escoyíos col tecláu.

Pa mover un marcu o oxetu escoyíu, calque una tecla de cursor. Pa mover un píxel, caltenga calcada la tecla y calque una tecla de cursor.

To resize a selected frame or object, first press +Tab. Now one of the handles blinks to show that it is selected. To select another handle, press +Tab again. Press an arrow key to resize the object by one grid unit. To resize by one pixel, hold down , and then press an arrow key.

The increment by which you move an object with the keyboard is determined by the document grid. To change the properties of the document grid, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Grid.

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