Contains commands for formatting the layout and the contents of your document.


Opens a submenu where you can choose text formatting commands.


Opens a submenu where you can choose text spacing commands.

Align Text

Set the alignment options for the current text paragraph in its container.


Abre un somenú pa modificar el formatu de los párrafos d'una llista.

Clear Direct Formatting

Removes direct formatting from the selection.


Shows commands to edit, update, create, and manage styles.


Changes the font and the font formatting for the selected characters.


Modifies the format of the current paragraph, such as indents and alignment.

Numberación y viñetes

Adds numbering or bullets to the current paragraph or to selected paragraphs, and lets you edit format of the numbering or bullets.


Shows commands to format, edit, and delete a table and its elements.


Shows commands to crop, edit, and manage images.

Cuadru de testu y forma

Abre un somenú pa editar les propiedaes del cuadru de testu o la forma na esbilla.


Add a shadow to the selected drawing object, and define the properties of the shadow.


Define'l comportamientu de los oxetos escoyíos cuando se calca sobre unu d'ellos mientres una presentación.


Assigns a name to the selected object, so that you can quickly find the object in the Navigator.

Alt Text

Assigns a text and an alt text to the selected object. These texts are available as alternative tags in your document for use by accessibility tools. They are also available as tags for images when you export the document.

Distribute Selection

Distributes three or more selected objects evenly along the horizontal axis or the vertical axis. You can also evenly distribute the spacing between objects.


Xira l'oxetu escoyíu.


Flips the selected object horizontally, or vertically.


Opciones pa convertir l'oxetu escoyíu.

Align Objects

Aligns selected objects with respect to one another.


Camuda l'orde en que se apila un oxetu escoyíu.


Groups keep together selected objects, so that they can be moved or formatted as a single object.

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