Usar Puntos d'adhesión

En Impress y en Draw, pue xunir dos formes cualesquier con una llinia llamada coneutor. Cuando dibuxa un coneutor ente dos formes, el coneutor va xunir a un puntu d'adherencia de caúna de les formes. Les formes tienen puntos d'adherencia predeterminaos, que les sos posiciones dependen de la clase particular d'esa forma. Pue amestar los sos propios puntos d'adherencia personalizaos a una forma y depués xunir coneutores nesos puntos.

P'amestar y editar puntos d'adhesión

  1. Do one of the following to get existing gluepoints visible for all elements:

  1. Click the Insert Gluepoint icon on the Gluepoints toolbar.

  2. Select element on slide where you want to add gluepoints.

  3. Faiga un clic dientro de la forma a la que deseye amestar el nuevu puntu d'adherencia.

    If the shape is filled, you can click anywhere inside the shape. If the shape is unfilled, you can click the border to insert a gluepoint. Once inserted, you can drag the gluepoint to another position inside the shape.

With the four icons next to the Insert Gluepoint icon, you choose the directions which will be permitted for a connector at this gluepoint. You can choose one or more directions for a particular gluepoint.

If the Gluepoint Relative icon is active, the gluepoint moves when you resize the object to keep its position relative to the object borders.

If the Gluepoint Relative icon is not active, the icons next to it are no longer grayed out. With these icons you can decide where a gluepoint will be placed when the size of the object is changed.

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