In the General section, you can select default settings for saving documents, and can select default file formats.

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Choose - Load/Save - General.

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Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.


Cargar configuración específica del usuariu xuntu col documentu

Al cargar un documentu, carga la configuración específica del usuariu guardada nel documentu.

If Load user-specific settings with the document is not selected, the following user-specific settings still apply:

Los siguientes parámetros de configuración cárguense siempres xuntu col documentu, anque la opción nun tea escoyida:

Cargar configuración d'impresión xuntu col documentu

If enabled, the printer settings will be loaded with the document. This can cause a document to be printed on a distant printer, if you do not change the printer manually in the Print dialog. If disabled, your standard printer will be used to print this document. The current printer settings will be stored with the document whether or not this option is checked.

Load view position with the document even if it was saved by a different user

Loads the view position settings saved in a document with the document even if it was saved by a different user.

If Load view position with the document even if it was saved by a different user is not selected, the view position will only be loaded with a document if the author metadata in the document matches the first and last name in - LibreOffice - User Data. Note that the author will only be saved with a document if the setting Apply user data in File - Properties - General is enabled.


Guardar un documentu automáticamente

Guardar información de recuperación automática cada

Specifies that LibreOffice saves the information needed to restore all modified documents in case of a crash.


Specifies the time interval in minutes before AutoRecovery information is saved for a document.


A timer starts for a document when it is first modified. AutoRecovery information is saved after the specified time (while LibreOffice is idle). The timer then restarts with the next modification in the document.

Tamién guardar automaticamente'l documentu

Specifies that LibreOffice saves all modified documents when saving AutoRecovery information. Uses the time interval specified in Minutes.

Editar propiedaes del documentu enantes d'atroxalu

Especifica que se va abrir el cuadru de diálogu Propiedaes cada vez qu'escueya'l comandu Guardar como.

Crear siempres copia de seguridá

Saves the previous version of a document as a backup copy whenever you save a document. Every time LibreOffice creates a backup copy, the previous backup copy is replaced. The backup copy gets the extension .BAK.

Pa camudar l'allugamientu de la copia de seguridá, escueya - LibreOffice - Rutes, ya ingrese una nueva ruta pa la copia de seguridá.

Place backup in same folder as document

Backup copy is saved to the same folder as the document. If the backup copy cannot be saved in the same folder for some reason, then LibreOffice tries to save the copy in the Backups folder specified in Paths.

Save URLs relative to file system

This option allows you to select the default for relative addressing of URLs in the file system and on the Internet. Relative addressing is only possible if the source document and the referenced document are both on the same drive.

Una direición relativa empieza siempres pol direutoriu nel que s'atopa'l documentu. Otra mou, les direiciones absolutes empiecen siempres por un direutoriu raigañu. Na tabla siguiente amuésase la diferencia nes sintaxis de les referencies relativu y absolutu:


Sistema de ficheros









L'Ayuda emerxente siempres amuesa una ruta absoluta. Sicasí, al guardar con formatu de ficheru HTML, LibreOffice introduz una ruta relativa, siempres que s'activara esta opción.

Select this box for relative saving of URLs in the file system.

Guardar les URL relatives a Internet

Select this box for relative saving of URLs to the Internet.

Formatu predetermináu de ficheru y configuraciones pa ODF

Versión del formatu ODF

LibreOffice 7.0 supports the OpenDocument format (ODF) version 1.3. The prior versions of LibreOffice support the file format ODF 1.2. Prior file formats cannot store all new features of the new software.

OpenOffice.org 3 and StarOffice 9 introduced new features which have to be saved using the OpenDocument format (ODF) version 1.2. The prior versions of OpenOffice.org 2 and StarOffice 8 support the file formats ODF 1.0/1.1. Those prior file formats cannot store all new features of the new software.

Current LibreOffice versions can open documents in ODF formats 1.0/1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

When you save a document, you can select whether to save the document in the format ODF 1.3, ODF 1.3 Extended, ODF 1.2, ODF 1.2 Extended, ODF 1.2 Extended (compatibility mode), or in the prior format ODF 1.0/1.1.


Currently, the ODF 1.2 (Extended) or newer formats enable files of Draw and Impress to contain comments. Those comments can be inserted by Insert - Comment in the latest software version. The comments get lost when loading files into prior software versions that were saved by the latest software version.

Some companies or organizations may require ODF documents in the ODF 1.0/1.1, or ODF 1.2 format. You can select these format to save in the listbox. These older formats cannot store all new features, so the new format ODF 1.3 (Extended) is recommended where possible.

The ODF 1.2 Extended (compatibility mode) is a more backward-compatible ODF 1.2 extended mode. It uses features that are deprecated in ODF 1.2 and/or it is 'bug-compatible' to older OpenOffice.org versions. It may be useful if you need to interchange ODF documents with users who use pre-ODF 1.2 or ODF 1.2-only legacy applications.

Tipu de documentu

Especifica'l tipu de documentu pal que quier definir el formatu de ficheru predetermináu.

Siempres guardar como

Especifica que los documentos del tipu escoyíu na esquierda van guardase siempres con esti tipu de ficheru. Pue utilizar el cuadru de diálogu Guardar como pa escoyer otru tipu de ficheru pal documentu actual.

Alvertir cuando nun se va guardar nel formatu de ODF nin nel formatu predetermináu

Pue faese apaecer una alvertencia al guardar un documentu nun formatu que nun seya OpenDocument o que nun se configuró como formatu predetermináu na seición Cargar/Guardar - Xeneral del cuadru de diálogu "Opciones".

Pue escoyese el formatu de ficheru que se va aplicar de forma predeterminada al guardar los diversos tipos de documentos. Por exemplu, si siempres intercambia documentos con otres persones qu'utilicen Microsoft Office, pue especificar que LibreOffice namái utilice como predeterminaos los formatos de ficheru de Microsoft Office.


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

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