Datos d'identidá

Use this tab page to enter or edit user data. Some of the data may have already been entered by the user or system administrator when installing LibreOffice.

P'aportar a esti comandu...

Choose - LibreOffice - User Data.

Los datos d'usuariu utilizar les plantíes y los asistentes de LibreOffice. Por exemplu, los campos "Nome" y "Apellíos" utilizar pa inxertar automáticamente el so nome como autor d'un documentu nuevu. Pue velo en Ficheru - Propiedaes.

Dalgunos de los datos del usuariu inclúyense automáticamente nun diccionariu internu por que'l revisor ortográficu reconocer. En casu de fallos mecanográficos, el programa pue utilizar estos datos pa suxerir troqueos. Tenga en cuenta que los cambeos nos datos namái surten efeutu dempués de reiniciar LibreOffice.

User data is also used when commenting and in tracking changes mode, to identify comments/edits author; and to mark last edit position in document, so that when author opens the document later, it opens at the last edit position.


Nel área Direición va poder indicar o modificar los datos personales.


Type the name of your company in this field.


Type your first name.


Type your last name.


Type your initials.


Type the name of your street in this field.


Type your ZIP in this field.


Type the city where you live.


Type your country.


Type your state.


Type your title in this field.


Type your position in the company in this field.

Tel. (priváu)

Type your private telephone number in this field.

Tel. (trabayu)

Type your work number in this field.


Type your fax number in this field.

Corréu electrónicu

Type your email address. For example, my.name@my.provider.com


Set the preferred public key for OpenPGP encryption and digital signature. These preferred keys will be pre-selected in key selection dialog every time you sign or encrypt a document, so you don't have to select it yourself when signing with one specific key frequently.

OpenPGP signing key

Select your OpenPGP key from the drop-down list for signing ODF documents.

OpenPGP encryption key

Select your OpenPGP key from the drop-down list for encrypting ODF documents.

When encrypting documents, always encrypt to self

Mark this checkbox to also encrypt the file with your public key, so you can open the document with your private key.


Keep this option selected, if you ever want to be able to decrypt documents you've encrypted for other people.

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