Documentos de formulariu XML (XForms)

XForms are a new type of web form that was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. The XForm model is defined in Extensible Markup Language (XML). The model uses separate sections to describe what a form does and what a form looks like. You can view the specification for XForms at:

Trabayu con XForms

In LibreOffice, an XForms document is a special type of Writer document. The Design Mode for an XForm document has additional toolbars and panes.

Dempués de crear y guardar un documentu XForms, pue abrir el documentu, rellenar el formulariu y unviar los cambeos a un sirvidor.

Pa crear un documentu XForms

  1. Escueya Ficheru - Nuevu - Documentu de formulariu XML.

    La ventana de diseñu XForms abrir nun documentu baleru de Writer.

  2. Diseñe'l so formulariu.

P'abrir un documentu XForms

Pa editar un documentu XForms

Abra'l documentu XForms y utilice les siguientes barres de ferramientes y ventanes:

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