Using Toolbars

Toolbars in LibreOffice can be either docked as part of the main window, or floating as a separate window. By default, the visible toolbars and the ones you open with View – Toolbars are docked, and their positions are locked.

Some toolbar icons, for example the Font Color icon, can open another toolbar. Click the arrow next to the icon to open a toolbar containing further icons.

You now have a choice: either click the icon that you want to activate, or seize the toolbar by its title bar and drag it while holding down the mouse button.

Contestu de barres de ferramientes

Delles barres de ferramientes ábrese automáticamente según el contestu. Por exemplu, si faise clic nuna tabla d'un documentu de testu, ábrese la barra de ferramientes pa tables. Si fai clic nun párrafu numberáu, ábrese la barra de ferramientes pa numberación y viñetes.


Toolbars are hidden by default when the Notebook bar is active.

Pa zarrar una barra de ferramientes temporalmente

Click the icon in the toolbar's title bar, or choose Close Toolbar from the context menu. The toolbar will be shown automatically again when the context becomes active again.

Pa zarrar una barra de ferramientes permanentemente

While the toolbar is visible, choose View – Toolbars and click the name of the toolbar to remove the check mark.

P'amosar una barra de ferramientes zarrada

To Unlock a Docked Toolbar

Right-click the toolbar and choose Lock Toolbar Position from the context menu so that it is unchecked. A small vertical handle appears at the start of an unlocked toolbar, which you can use to move the toolbar.

To Lock a Docked Toolbar

You can lock the position of a toolbar by choosing Lock Toolbar Position again from the context menu, so that it is checked.

To Make a Toolbar a Floating Toolbar

Click the toolbar handle and drag the toolbar into the document.

To Reattach a Floating Toolbar


Poder acoplar ventanes y barres de ferramientes por aciu abasnar y asitiar depende de la configuración del alministrador de ventanes del sistema. El sistema tien de configurase por qu'amuese el conteníu de tola ventana al mover una ventana, en cuenta de amosar namái el marcu esterior.

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