Propiedaes del control

Abre un diálogu pa editar les propiedaes d'un control esbilláu.

P'aportar a esta orde...

Dende la barra de menús:

Choose Form - Control Properties.

Dende'l menú contestual:

Choose Control Properties.

Dende la interfaz con llingüetes:

Choose Form - Control Properties.

Choose Tools - Control Properties.

Dende les barres de ferramientes:

Icon Control

Control Properties


Pues invocar el diálogu Propiedaes solo nel mou de diseñu con un control esbilláu.

Si introduz datos nel diálogu Propiedaes, tenga en cuenta que ye posible faer entraes de delles llinies en ciertos cuadros combinaos. Esto ye válidu pa tolos campos que dexen introducir espresiones SQL, según nes propiedaes de campos de testu o etiquetes. Estos campos puen abrir pa introducir testu na llista abierta. Son válides les siguientes combinaciones de tecles:



+Down Arrow:

Opens the combo box.

+Up Arrow:

Closes the combo box.


Amiesta una llinia nueva

Up Arrow

Asitia'l cursor na llinia anterior.

Down Arrow

Asitia'l cursor na llinia siguiente.


Completa la entrada nel campu y asitia el cursor nel campu siguiente.

As with list boxes or combo boxes, you can open or close the list with a mouse click at the arrow on the right end of the field. However, the input here can be entered either in the opened list or in the top text field. An exception is the properties that expect a list representation, for example, the property "List Entries", which can be set for the control fields List Box and Combo Box. Here, you can only edit the entries when the field is opened.


This General tab enables you to define the general properties of a form control. These properties differ, depending on the control type. Not all of the following properties are available for every control.


The Data tab page allows you to assign a data source to the selected control.


On the Events tab page you can link macros to events that occur in a form's control fields.

Data (for XML Form Documents)

The Data tab page of the Properties dialog for an XML Form document offers some XML forms settings.

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