Specify how to export outlines and hyperlinks in your document.

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Choose File - Export As - Export as PDF - Links tab.

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Export outlines as named destinations

The bookmarks (targets of references) in PDF files can be defined as rectangular areas. Additionally, bookmarks to named objects can be defined by their names. Enable the checkbox to export the names of objects in your document as valid bookmark targets. This allows you to link to those objects by name from other documents.

Convert document references to PDF targets

Enable this checkbox to convert the URLs referencing other ODF files to PDF files with the same name. In the referencing URLs the extensions .odt, .odp, .ods, .odg, and .odm are converted to the extension .pdf.

Esportar URL relativos al sistema de ficheros

Enable this checkbox to export URLs to other documents as relative URLs in the file system. See "relative hyperlinks" in the Help.

Enllaces ente documentos

Specify how to handle hyperlinks from your PDF file to other files.

Mou predetermináu

Links from your PDF document to other documents will be handled as it is specified in your operating system.

Open with PDF reader application

Cross-document links are opened with the PDF reader application that currently shows the document. The PDF reader application must be able to handle the specified file type inside the hyperlink.

Open with Internet browser

Cross-document links are opened with the Internet browser. The Internet browser must be able to handle the specified file type inside the hyperlink.

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