Compress the selected image to reduce its data size and resize the image in the document.

Image compression is a type of data compression applied to digital images, to reduce storage size or transmission time. Compression may take advantage of visual perception and the statistical properties of image data to preserve information quality.

La compresión de les imaxes pue facese con o ensin perdes. La compresión ensin perdes dexa la posibilidá de reconstruyir la imaxe orixinal a partir de los datos comprimíos. Otra manera, la compresión con perdes dexa solo una reconstrucción aprosimada de la imaxe orixinal, lo que trai en cierta midida una perda na calidá, pero tamién tases de compresión meyores (y, poro, menores tamaños de ficheru).

P'aportar a esta orde...

Dende la barra de menús:

Escueyi Formatu - Imaxe - Comprimir.

Dende'l menú contestual:

Escueyi Comprimir.

Dende la interfaz con llingüetes:

Na llingüeta Imaxe, escueyi Comprimir.

On the Image menu of the Image tab, choose Compress.

Dende les barres de ferramientes:

Iconu Comprimir


Compress Image Dialog


Calidá JPEG

Use the slider to adjust the level of quality of the JPEG compression, from 0 to 100. A value of 100 means no quality loss and a value of 0 may result in a very poor image. The default value of 90 produces very good results and significant image data size reduction.


The compression values are not standardized between different JPEG image compression software.

PNG Compression

Since PNG compression is lossless, the main reason to use a compression factor less than 9 is when there is absolute need to reduce the size of the document when saving in a slow computer. The uncompress operation does not depend on the compression level.


Reduce image resolution

Check to change the dimensions of the compressed image.

Width, Height

Use the spin buttons to set the new width and height of the compressed image.


Select the pixel density (dot per inch - DPI) of the image from the dropdown list.


Select the algorithm to calculate the interpolated pixels.

Image Information

Calculate New Size

Click to calculate the size of the image data, based on the settings of the dialog box.

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