Robles dixitales

Adds and removes digital signatures to and from your document. You can also use the dialog to view certificates.

P'aportar a esta orde...

Dende la barra de menús:

Choose File - Digital Signatures - Digital Signatures.

Choose File - Properties - General tab, click Digital Signatures button.

Choose Tools - Macros - Digital Signature.

Dende la interfaz con llingüetes:

Choose File - Digital Signatures.

Dende les barres de ferramientes:

Icon Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Dende la barra d'estáu:

Click the Signature field on the Status bar.

Tocante a les robles dixitales

Tienes de guardar el ficheru pa poder aplicar una robla dixital.

You must save a file in OpenDocument format or OOXML format or export to PDF before you can apply an X509 digital signature to the file. You must save a file in OpenDocument format and have GnuPG installed on your system before you can apply an OpenPGP digital signature to the file.

La firma va ser XAdES pa los formatos ODF y OOXML, y PAdES pa PDF.


Lists the digital signatures for the current document.

The Signed iconIcon indicates a valid digital signature, while the Exclamation mark iconIcon indicates an invalid digital signature.

Ver tamién Robles dixitales.

View Certificate

Opens the View Certificate dialog.

Roblar el documentu

Opens the Select Certificate dialog.


Removes the selected signature from the list. Removes all subsequent signatures as well, in case of PDF.

Aniciar xestor de certificaos

Abre'l xestor de certificaos instaláu nel sistema.

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