Afita les propiedaes de visualización de los documentos de Draw.


Activar la vista de páxina normal.


Switch to the master view.

User Interface

Opens dialog box for selecting layout of user interface.


Opens a submenu to show and hide toolbars. A toolbar contains icons and options that let you quickly access LibreOffice commands.

Status Bar

Shows or hides the Status bar at the bottom edge of the window.

Panel de Pane

Activa y desactiva el Panel .


Amuesa o anubre les regles na parte cimera y esquierda del área de trabayu.

Grid and Help Lines

Toggle the visibility of grid points and guide lines to help object moving and precise position in the current sheet.

Snap Guides

Specifies the display options for snap guides.


Show or hide annotations on the page.

Color/Escala de grises

Amuesa les diapositives en color, escala de grises o blancu y negru.


The Sidebar is a vertical graphical user interface that primarily provides contextual properties, style management, document navigation, and media gallery features.


Opens the Styles deck of the Sidebar, which lists the available graphic and presentation styles for applying and editing.


Opens the Gallery deck of the Sidebar, where you can select images and audio clips to insert into your document.


Opens the Navigator, where you can quickly jump to other slides or move between open files.

Color Bar

Show or hide the Color bar.


Use to shift the position of the page in the window. When enabled, the appearance of the mouse pointer changes. Click the page and drag to desired position.


Reduces or enlarges the screen display of LibreOffice.

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