The Tools menu contains commands to check spelling, to trace sheet references, to find mistakes and to define scenarios.

Tamién puen crease y asignar macros y configurar l'aspeutu de les barres de ferramientes, menúes y tecláu, según establecer les opciones predeterminaes de les aplicaciones de LibreOffice.


Checks spelling manually.


Opens a submenu where you can choose language specific commands.

Opciones d'AutoCorreición

Sets the options for automatically replacing text as you type.


Allows you to attach URLs to specific areas, called hotspots, on a graphic or a group of graphics. An image map is a group of one or more hotspots.

Guetar oxetivu

Abre un diálogu nel que pue resolvese una ecuación con una variable.


Opens the Solver dialog. A solver allows you to solve mathematical problems with multiple unknown variables and a set of constraints on the variables by goal-seeking methods.


Esta orde activa'l Detective de fueyes de cálculu. El Detective dexa rastrexar les dependencies dende la caxella de fórmula actual a les caxelles correspondientes de la fueya de cálculu.


Defines a scenario for the selected sheet area.

Protexer documentu

The Protect Sheet or Protect Spreadsheet Structure commands prevent changes from being made to cells in the sheets or to sheets in a document. As an option, you can define a password. If a password is defined, removal of the protection is only possible if the user enters the correct password.


Lets you record or organize and edit macros.

Extension Manager

The Extension Manager adds, removes, disables, enables, and updates LibreOffice extensions.

XML Filter Settings

Opens the XML Filter Settings dialog, where you can create, edit, delete, and test filters to import and to export XML files.


Customizes LibreOffice menus, context menus, shortcut keys, toolbars, and macro assignments to events.


Esti comandu abre un cuadru de diálogu p'axustar el programa a les preferencies individuales del usuariu.

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