Crear Tables dinámiques

  1. Escueya l'área de datos d'una fueya de cálculu xuntu colos títulos de filera y de columna.

  2. Choose Insert - Pivot Table. The Select Source dialog appears. Choose Current selection and confirm with OK. The table headings are shown as buttons in the Pivot Table dialog. Drag these buttons as required and drop them into the layout areas "Filters", "Column Fields", "Row Fields" and "Data Fields".

  3. Arrastre los botones deseyaos a una de los cuatro árees.

Drag a button to the Filters area to create a button and a listbox on top of the generated pivot table. The listbox can be used to filter the pivot table by the contents of the selected item. You can use drag-and-drop within the generated pivot table to use another page field as a filter.

Si asítiase'l botón nel área Campos de datos, va asignáse-y una etiqueta que tamién amuesa la fórmula que se va a utilizar pa calcular los datos.

  1. L'orde de los botones pue modificar en cualquier momentu moviéndolos a un llugar distintu del área col mur.

  2. Vuelva asitiar un botón nel so sitiu moviéndolo col mur del área a los otros botones.

  3. To open the Data Field dialog, double-click one of the buttons in the Row Fields or Column Fields area. Use the dialog to select if and to what extent LibreOffice calculates display subtotals.

Exit the Pivot Table dialog by pressing OK. A Filter button will now be inserted, or a page button for every data field that you dropped in the Filters area. The pivot table is inserted further down.

Open file with example:

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