Solver Options

Use the Options dialog to configure the solver engine.

P'aportar a esta orde...

Choose Tools - Solver, click Options button.

De clic en OK p'aceutar los cambeos y torne al diálogu de Solver.

Solver engine

Select a solver engine. The listbox is disabled if only one solver engine is installed.


Pues instalar más motores de solver como estensiones, si tán disponibles. Abre Ferramientes - Estensiones y restola al sitiu d'internet d'estensiones p'alcontrales.


Configure the current solver. In the Settings box, check all settings that you want to use for the current goal seeking operation. If the current option offers different values, the Edit button is enabled. Click Edit to open a dialog where you can change the value.


If the current entry in the Settings listbox allows you to edit a value, you can click the Edit button. A dialog opens where you can change the value.

Edit settings spin box

Enter or change the value of the selected setting.

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