Data Entry Form is a tool to make table data entry easy in spreadsheets. With the Data Entry Form, you can enter, edit and delete records (or rows) of data and avoid horizontal scrolling when the table has many columns or when some columns are very wide.

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Choose Data – Form...

Preparing the data entry form

To be effective, the Calc data table should have a header row, where each cell contents is the label of the column. The header cells contents become the label of each data field in the form.

Activating the form

  1. Place the cursor in the header row of the table.

  2. Choose Data - Form....

Filling the form with data

Enter the data in the text fields. Press Enter or click New to add it to the table.

Form dialog buttons

New: fill the record (table row cells) with the form fields contents and jump to the next record or add a new record in the bottom of the table.

Delete: deletes the current record.

Restore: when a form field is edited, restore the record contents to its initial state.

Previous record: move to the previous record (table row).

Next record: move to the next record.

Close: close the form.

The form dialog box and header row cells as field labels


Use the Tab and Shift-Tab keys to jump forth and back between text boxes of the form dialog.


You also can use the form scroll bar to move between text boxes.

Reopening the form dialog

To reopen the form dialog, place the cursor on the header row and open the form. The displayed record in the form dialog is the first data record. Move to the last record before entering new data otherwise the current record will be edited.

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