Formatu de caxelles

Permite especificar diverses opciones de formatu y aplicar atributos a les caxelles escoyíes.

P'aportar a esta orde...

Choose Format - Cells.

Press +1.

Specify the formatting and the font that you want to apply.


Sets the alignment options for the contents of the current cell, or the selected cells.

Asian Typography

Set the typographic options for cells or paragraphs in Asian language files. To enable Asian language support, choose Language Settings - Languages in the Options dialog box, and then select the Enabled box in the Asian language support area. The Asian typography options are ignored in HTML documents.


Sets the border options for the selected objects in Writer or Calc.

Set the fill options for the selected drawing object or document element.

Protección de caxelles

Define les opciones de protección pa les caxelles escoyíes.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.

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