Función Red

Devuelve'l componente bermeyu del códigu de color compuestu dáu.


Red (NúmberuColor As Long)

Return value:



ColorNumber: Long integer expression that specifies any composite color code for which to return the Red component.


Under VBA compatibility mode (Option VBASupport 1), the function Red() is incompatible with VBA colors, when color from previous call to function RGB [VBA] is passed.

Error codes:

5 Llamada a procedimientu non válida


The color picker dialog details the red, green and blue components of a composite color code, as well as its hexadecimal expression. Changing the color of text and selecting Custom color displays the color picker dialog.


Sub ExampleColor
Dim lVar As Long
    lVar = rgb(128,0,200)
    MsgBox "El color " & lVar & " consta de:" & Chr(13) &_
        "coloráu = " &  rede(lVar) & Chr(13)&_
        "verde= " &  green(lVar) & Chr(13)&_
        "azul= " & blue(lVar) & Chr(13) , 64,"colores"
End Sub

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