Sets options that make LibreOffice programs more accessible for users with reduced sight, limited dexterity or other disabilities.

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Choose - LibreOffice - Accessibility.

Accessibility in LibreOffice

Options Accessibility Dialog Image

Miscellaneous options

Sets accessibility options.

Use text selection cursor in read-only text document

Displays cursor in read-only documents.

Allow animated images

Previews animated graphics, such as GIF images, in LibreOffice.

Allow animated text

Previews animated text, such as blinking and scrolling, in LibreOffice.

Options for high contrast appearance

High contrast is an operating system setting that changes the system color scheme to improve readability. You can decide how LibreOffice uses the high contrast settings of the operating system.

Cell borders and shadows are always shown in text color when high contrast mode is active. The cell background color is ignored then.

Automatically detect high contrast mode of operating system

Switches LibreOffice into high contrast mode when the system background color is very dark.

Use automatic font color for screen display

Displays fonts in LibreOffice using the system color settings. This option only affects the screen display.

Use system colors for page previews

Applies the high contrast settings of the operating system to page previews.

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