Dragging and Dropping Within a LibreOffice Document

There are many options for moving or copying objects using drag-and-drop. Text sections, drawing objects, graphics, form controls, hyperlinks, cell ranges, and many more can be moved or copied with the mouse.

Note that the mouse pointer displays a plus sign when copying and an arrow when creating a link or hyperlink.

Mouse Pointer


Mouse pointer moving data


Mouse pointer copying data


Mouse pointer inserting link

Creating a link

If you press or Shift+ while releasing the mouse button, you can control whether the object is copied, moved, or a link is created.

Icon Drag Mode

If you drag objects out of the Navigator, you can specify in the submenu of the Navigator's Drag Mode icon whether to copy the object, insert it as a link or insert it as a hyperlink.


You can cancel a drag-and-drop operation in LibreOffice at any time by pressing the Esc key before releasing the mouse button.

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