Missing Element

If a query in which tables or fields no longer exist is opened, the Missing Element dialog appears. This dialog names the missing table or the field which cannot be interpreted and allows you to decide how to continue with the procedure.

للوصول لهذا الأمر...

In a database file window, click the Queries icon, then choose Edit - Edit.
If the referenced fields no longer exist, you see this dialog.

How to continue?

There are three options available for answering this question:

Do you really want to open the query in the graphic view?

Allows you to open the query in the Design View in spite of missing elements. This option also allows you to specify if other errors need to be ignored.

The query is opened in the Design View (the graphical interface). Missing tables appear blank and invalid fields appear with their (invalid) names in the list of fields. This lets you work with exactly those fields that caused the error.

Open the query in the SQL View

Allows you to open the query design in the SQL Mode and to interpret the query as a Native SQL. You can only quit the native SQL mode when the LibreOffice statement is completely interpreted (only possible if the used tables or fields in the query really exist).

Do not open the query

Allows you to cancel the procedure and specify that the query should not be opened. This option corresponds to the function of the Cancel dialog button.

Also ignore similar errors

If you selected the first option, but you still want to open the query in the graphics view in spite of missing elements, you can specify whether other errors are ignored. Therefore, in the current opening process, no error message will be displayed if the query can not be correctly interpreted.

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