Hex Function

Returns a string that represents the hexadecimal value of a number.


Hex (Number)

Return value:



Number: Any numeric expression that you want to convert to a hexadecimal number.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleHex
' uses BasicFormulas in $[officename] Calc
Dim a2, b2, c2 As String
    a2 = "&H3E8"
    b2 = Hex2Int(a2)
    MsgBox b2
    c2 = Int2Hex(b2)
    MsgBox c2
End Sub
Function Hex2Int( sHex As String ) As Long
' Returns a long integer from a hexadecimal value.
    Hex2Int = clng( sHex )
End Function
Function Int2Hex( iLong As Long) As String
' Calculates a hexadecimal value in integer.
    Int2Hex = "&H" & Hex( iLong )
End Function

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