Modifying Numbering in an Ordered List

You can remove the numbering from a paragraph in an ordered list or change the number that an ordered list starts with.

If you want numbered headings, choose Tools - Heading Numbering. This command opens a dialog where numbering schemes can be assigned to paragraph styles used for headings. Do not use the Toggle Ordered List icon on the Formatting Bar or the Format - Bullets and Numbering dialog.

To Remove the Number From a Paragraph in an Ordered List

  1. ይጫኑ ከ መጀመሪያው ባህሪ አንቀጽ ፊት ለ ፊት እርስዎ ማስወገድ በሚፈልጉት ቁጥር መስጫ ላይ

  2. ከ እነዚህ አንዱን ይስሩ:

To Change the Number That an Ordered List Starts With

  1. Click anywhere in the ordered list.

  2. Choose Format - Bullets and Numbering, and then click the Customize tab.

  3. ቁጥር ያስገቡ ዝርዝሩ እንዲጀምር የሚፈልጉበትን መጀመሪያ በ ሳጥን ውስጥ

  4. ይጫኑ እሺ

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