Changing the Background Fill

To use a color, gradient, or hatching pattern for the background

  1. Choose , and then click on the Background tab.

  2. መሙያ ቦታ ከ እነዚህ አንዱን ይፈጽሙ:

    Select Color, and then click a color in the list.

    Select Gradient, and then click a gradient style in the list.

    Select Hatching, and then click a hatching style in the list.

  3. Click OK.

To use an image for the background

You can display an entire image as a background, or you can tile the image to produce a patterned background.

  1. Choose , and then click on the Background tab.

  2. In the Fill area, select Image, and then click an image in the list.


    To use a custom image for the background, click the Import button. Locate the image and click Open. On returning to the Background tab, the imported image is in the Image list.

  3. ከ እነዚህ አንዱን ይስሩ:

    ጠቅላላ ምስሉን እንደ መደብ ለ ማሳየት: ይጫኑ የ መደርደሪያ ምልክት ማድረጊያ ሳጥን ውስጥ: የ አቀማመጥ ቦታ ላይ: እና ከዛ ይምረጡ በራሱ ልክ

    ምስሉን እንደ መደብ ለ መደርደር ይምረጡ መደርደሪያ : እና ያሰናዱ የ መጠን : አቀማመጥ : እና ማካካሻ ምርጫ ለ ምስል

  4. Click OK.

This modification is only valid for the current presentation or drawing document.

To save a new master as a template

  1. .

  2. .

  3. Choose View - Normal to close the master view.

  4. Choose File - Templates - Save As Template to save the document as a template.

  5. Enter a name for the template. Do not change the category from "My Templates". Click OK.

Now you can use the Templates window to open a new presentation or drawing based on your new template.

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