Remote Connections

List all Impress Remote available connections.

ይህን ትእዛዝ ለ መፈጸም...

Initially, mark the Enable remote control checkbox in – LibreOffice Impress – General.

Select menu Slide Show - Impress Remote.

Remote connection setup

To activate the remote connection:

  1. Open the Impress Remote application in the mobile device.

  2. Open the Remote Connection dialog,

  3. አካል ከ ዝርዝር ውስጥ ይምረጡ

  4. Enter the PIN number displayed by the device and press Connect to authorize a connection.

The device and the computer are now connected, the current presentation enters in Presentation Mode immediately, controlled by the mobile device.

To disconnect from a mobile device

  1. Open the Remote Connection dialog,

  2. አካል ከ ዝርዝር ውስጥ ይምረጡ

  3. Click Remove Client Authorization.

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