Detailed Calculation Settings

Sets the rules for conversion from strings values to numeric values, string values to cell references, and strings values to date and time values. This affects built-in functions such as INDIRECT that takes a reference as a string value or date and time functions that takes arguments as string values in local or ISO 8601 formats.

ይህን ትእዛዝ ለ መፈጸም...

Menu - LibreOffice Calc - Formula, and in section Detailed Calculation Settings press Details... button.

ይዞታዎች ወደ ቁጥሮች

ከ ጽሁፍ ወደ ቁጥር መቀየሪያ

ጽሁፍ እንዴት እንደሚይዙ በሚያጋጥም ጊዜ እንደ ቁጥር በ ሂሳብ አንቀሳቃሽ ውስጥ ወይንም እንደ ክርክር ለ ተግባር ቁጥር የሚጠብቅ በሱ ፋንታ እንደ: ምንም በማያሻማ መቀየር ይቻላል ለ ኢንቲጀር ቁጥሮች: ኤክስፖነንት: እና የ ISO 8601 ቀኖች እና ጊዜዎች በ ተስፋፉው አቀራረብ በ መለያያቸው: በ ክፍልፋይ ቁጥር ዋጋዎች ከ ዴሲማል መለያያዎች ወይንም ቀኖች ሌላ ከ ISO 8601 የ ቋንቋ ጥገኛ ናቸው: ያስታውሱ: በ ቋንቋ ጥገኛ መቀየሪያዎች ውጤቱ የ ቁጥር ዋጋ ሊለያይ ይችላል በ ቋንቋዎች መካከል!

ያመነጫል #ዋጋ! ስህተት: ጽሁፍ ሲገኝ የ ቁጥር ዳታ በሚጠበቅበት ቦታ ያመነጫል #ዋጋ! ስህተት: ለምሳሌ: "123.45" ያመነጫል #ዋጋ! ስህተት: ነገር ግን 123.45 አይደለም

Treat as zero: Any text found where numeric data is expected will be considered as a number of value zero. Example: "123.45" will map to zero, while 123.45 not.

Convert only if unambiguous: If the text represents a valid and unambiguous numeric value, convert it. Example: "123.456" will generate a #VALUE! error because the text contains a separator, while "123456" will not.
See Converting Text to Numbers for details.

Convert also locale dependent: convert values valid in the locale representation. Example: "123,45" is a valid number in some locales because the comma is the decimal separator there.

ባዶ ሐረጎችን እንደ ዜሮ መጠቀሚያ

This option determines how an empty string is treated when used in arithmetic operations. If you have set "Conversion from text to number" to either "Generate #VALUE! error" or "Treat as zero", you cannot choose (here) if conversion of an empty string to a number will generate an error or if it will treat empty strings as zero. Otherwise this option determines how empty strings are treated.

Reference syntax for string reference

Formula syntax to use when parsing references given in string parameters. This affects built-in functions such as INDIRECT that takes a reference as a string value.

Apply those settings to current document only

Mark this checkbox to apply the settings to the document only.

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